Buffalo wings in the East Bay

Decent Buffalo wings alert for the East Bay.  That’s right, good Buffalo wings have made their way to Pinole in the form of a Wing Stop (1581-A Fitzgerald Drive).  They have a number of saucing options, sides and whatnot but we had only the mild Buffalo wings and were very satisfied.  They may not be as good as some of the best in the country, but they are very solid.  Top-shelf Buffalo wings are still a little crispy, and the sauce permeates the chicken, but not completely, and they are a little vinegary from the red pepper sauce.  Wing Stop’s lacked that underlying crispness and hint of vinegar – at least our batch did.  I’m picking nits, so don’t hesitate to buy a bucket of the damned things.  I have no use for teriyaki wings and their ilk, so I can’t speak for those.  Wing Stop has tables, which is a good thing since Buffalo wings are best eaten right away.  All in all, quite good for a national chain.

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