Breakfast at Daimo in Richmond

Pork rice dumpling at Daimo

Pork rice dumpling at Daimo

Chinese breakfast at Daimo this morning, which is a real treat.  Up until 11 a.m. they serve a “one from A, one from B” type of meal for about $6.  You get your choice of congee, which is a thick, savory rice porridge – a whole, big bowl of it, the kind you get when you order it a la carte.  Then you select an item from the other list, which, in my case, is beef congee from Daimoalways the sticky rice pork dumpling.  I wrote about this last year but had no photos, which I am correcting here.  If you ate all that rice you would die, I think, so it is best to share the congee.  I refuse to share the pork dumpling because whenever I do, I am guaranteed to lose the salted duck egg that’s in there.  Never again.  Do I really need to tell you that Daimo is just outside Pacific East Mall on Pierce Street in Richmond?

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