Vote for Matt!

Matthew giving a speech in an action pose

All I can say is this:  vote for Matthew Valencia!  He’s running in a senate race at Berkeley City College and is dead serious about it.  He has slogans, like “Moving BCC Forward” and “…with honesty and integrity.”  He has a campaign manager, Wesley, who worked up a strategic plan for the affair.  I saw this formal document in the living room once and almost fell over.  I can tell you that Matt’s slogans and promises are not empty — the kid has a real desire to help people.  When in middle school in San Francisco he came upon two obnoxious teens tormenting a mentally challenged boy who was having trouble with his locker.  Matt marched up to them and told them what he thought and they promptly clobbered him, being older and larger.  Not to be outdone, he dusted himself off, went over to one of his teachers, dragged him around the school until they spotted the perps, and loudly pointed them out.  His righteous indignation overpowered his desire to protect life and limb, and you have to respect that.  Here are a couple photos of the speech he gave today.

Matthew running for senate with a group of candidates

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