Berry’s chair

Berry the akita in his futon chair when he was young

Above you have Berry in Chairy in our old house in Albany in 2002 and below you have him in Chairy in the new house in El Cerrito in 2007.  Matthew once fell out of Chairy in 1989.  Chairy has lived with us in Astoria (37th Street and 32nd Street), Manhattan (East 90th Street and West 105th Street), San Francisco, Albany, CA (Brighton Avenue and Talbot Avenue) and now El Cerrito.  Berry loves Chairy and is not interested in any other piece of furniture in the house.  He does not like it when someone else sits in Chairy, or, God forbid, if we open Chairy up to serve as a guest bed.

Berry in his futon chair in 2007

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