New kitchen

Yixing and other teapots I collect

Yixing and other teapots I collect

The akitachow pack is moving to a much bigger house soon.  Given that my cooking paraphernalia, cookbooks and teapot collection are crammed into a 930 square foot bungalow right now, this is A Very Good Thing.  No more moving 20 clay pots to get the correct one out for congee!  No 300 crashing lids when I take out the sauté pan living under those lids!  Room for a 36-inch gas range!  OK, so the kitchen is decorated in two God-awful and clashing designs of flecked, dark brown ceramic tile, but who really cares when you can have a BIG-ASS GAS RANGE.  It is amazing, though, that a person paid to have those tiles installed.  Actually selected them for a recent kitchen renovation.  Two different designs of dark brown for an already-dark space.  Tiles are already a problem for me since I won’t have a smooth work surface, but I would really rather not need 3-D glasses to enter the room.

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