Christmas leftovers

Smoked pork chop in aspic german-style

We are eating Christmas leftovers now, and I am happily working through my Sulzkotelet stash.  Oh, beloved Sulzkotelets!  I ate them as a child and would be happy with nothing but pork and aspic products during the holiday season.  A Sulzkotelet is a smoked pork loin chop (Kassler Rippchen) in mildly sour aspic with a slice of egg, carrot and pickle.  All are set attractively in a little pork chop shaped mold.  They taste great with a nice sourdough or hearty rye bread or with boiled potatoes.  When the hot potatoes come into contact with the cold aspic you get some highly desirable melting action.  Karl Ehmer in Flushing, Queens, used to sell these when I was growing up.  Though the Flushing store is long gone, Karl Ehmer still has a number of retail stores in New York and also sells via mail order, though I am invariably told that they only produce this item “off Smoked pork chop in aspic German-styleand on” and have not been able to get them sent to me in California.  If you live near a Karl Ehmer retail store and like aspic products, I advise you to investigate their availability.  I generally order them from Stiglmeier’s, even  though they are skinnier and boneless, since Stiglmeier’s has other things I order anyway.  I am not sure if Schaller & Weber, another major producer of German sausages and cold cuts, carries Sulzkotelets these days. When I lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the early 1990’s, I used to get them at their retail store off 86th street (1654 2nd Ave).

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