Thanksgiving in Binghamton

It’s Thanksgiving Day and I’m still far from family and home.  I was invited to take part in a group Thanksgiving meal at the Lost Dog Cafe, which was fun.  If not for that event I would have been eating by myself in a restaurant.  It was great to cook in a commercial kitchen again, and I made a dish and helped with other dishes while having a few laughs.  Coincidentally, one of the women in this group invited her father, who happened to be a coworker of my dad’s at Western Electric — or whatever it was called back then.  Maybe New York Telephone.  It was also AT&T Technologies for awhile and now it’s Lucent.  NYNEX was in the mix, too, I think.  Really annoying dealing with the name of that company.  Anyway, the food – and there was a boatload of it – was tasty.  There were three turkeys and lots of sides.  Liz made a stuffing with, I think, canned pumpkin, eggs, sage and stock that had a pudding-like quality to it.  She used large squares of bread and baked it until it was crispy.  Steve, Matt and my Mom had a friend over and Matthew sent me a photo of their turkey via his cell phone, which I will include here.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thanksgiving in Albany Cali in 2006

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