Grande’s not so good in Binghamton

The restaurant known as Marinelli’s (not sure if I am spelling this correctly) had closed awhile back.  My understanding is that this was an institution of sorts and that they had good sauce.  Apparently the sauce lives on at Anthony’s (4 W. State Street, Binghamton, NY) where the former Marinelli’s chef is now in residence.  This is not something I confirmed, by the way, just what I was told tangentially by our server while dining at Grande Bella Cucina with Matthew this evening.  Grande’s, as it’s known, sits on the former site of Marinelli’s (1171 Vestal Avenue, Binghamton).  I can’t say the meal was grande.  The mixed hot appetizer we ordered came right before the entrees and was no great shakes.  At $22.95 you’d expect better.  The chicken marsala was good, but the mashed potatoes it came with were merely OK.  It is not difficult to make great mashed potatoes, so I don’t get it.  If you can manage to make a good marsala sauce and not overcook chicken breast, how do you destroy mashed potatoes?  My main gripe was the salad, though, which had so many mushy green and brown parts it should have been in the trash.  Yuk!  Never again.

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