Red Lobster in Vestal

Well, screw it, we ate at Red Lobster in Vestal, New York today.  I always hated Red Lobster, and I am able to trace this to some super-lousy coconut shrimp in Daly City in 1997.  Matt and I arrived in Binghamton like two soggy pretzels, having started our trip from Albany, CA at 4:00 a.m.  After getting to the car rental place on Vestal Parkway, we next wanted to grab something to eat before going over to the nursing home to see my father, who is in the final stages of his illness.  We both ordered the “endless shrimp” and it was not bad.  We had plates of various kinds of fried shrimp, scampi and fettuccini.  The specials came with a starch and veggies and we were fine with the whole nine yards.  It wasn’t great in that the shrimp were small and the breading-to-flesh ratio was a little lame, but it was good and the people were very nice.  Total cost with iced tea was about $45.

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