Berkeley Bowl’s prepared food

Berry - happy that I'm making braised lamb shanks tomorrow

Berry - happy that I'm making braised lamb shanks tomorrow

We are in our summer redux now, so Berry spent some quality time on the patio while I was reading cookbooks selecting a nice braise for the beef shanks I picked up today at Berkeley Bowl.  I heard it would cool down in a couple days and I’ve been itching for some slow food.  I’ll prepare the shanks tomorrow and post the recipe.  For tonight, though, I have some sushi — Berkeley Bowl carries excellent packaged sushi that is made behind the counter — and lemon chicken, a prepared item I have not yet seen there.  The prepared food at Berkeley Bowl is superior to anything found at the chain supermarkets, by the way, even the fancy-schmantzy ones, like Andronico’s.  Personally, I think the prepared food at Andronico’s is awful, and the prices unconscionable.  They manage to take quality ingredients and turn them into sodden messes, in many cases.  I suppose the old adage about a fool and his money applies, though, since Andronico’s does not want for patrons.  My dislike for this chain knows no bounds.

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