A little post about the dog

Berry the akita in the bunglow

Find the dog in this photo.  It’s Berry snoozing on the futon in the bungalow in our back yard.  He doesn’t normally go in there since he is not a fan of small spaces.  He’ll only stay in there if the door is wide open.  We use the bungalow for art projects and as a space for anyone in our 903 square foot house who needs some time alone.  When Jon stays over the guys sleep in there, since the digs are outfitted with a PlayStation, VCR, DVD and CD players and karaoke setup.  If you wanted to do something that involved actual paper, you’d find drawing and writing supplies and books to read.  This is my overflow space for cookbooks, as well.  The main house is not insulated, but this room is, so it stays nice and toasty when heated up.  If you want to know how to set something like this up, just email me.

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