PA sweet corn schlepped to Cali

Pennsylvania sweet corn

We boiled up twelve ears of sweet corn from Pennsylvania today.  The well-traveled corn tasted down-home and it was nice to eat something that had nothing to do with agribusiness.  We sat in the backyard and ate three ears apiece and that was that for the corn supply.  Sweet corn is one of those things that  makes me think of how different the concept of seasonality is these days.  During the 1960’s and 1970’s, we had sweet corn only during the height of the summer and it was highly anticipated.  The same with beefsteak tomatoes.  Sure, you still have to buy in season to get the best at the lowest price, but things are not quite the same given the wide availability of produce.  Back in the day you would have had a hard time even finding corn on the cob in the winter.  Now, if you are willing to sacrifice quality and pay a bundle, it’s there for you.

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