Park Diner in Binghamton

Hooray!  Steven arrived in Binghamton today to spend a week with us.  The first place he wanted to hit was a diner, so we took him to the Park, at 119 Conklin Avenue, right on the water.  This is somewhat of an upscale diner, with floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the Susquehanna river.  It was late, so there were slim pickens, but Steven ordered the chopped steak with onions and I had a cheese omelet with home fries.  Matt chose the fried fish special.  The standout:  the home fries.  They were sublime, all brown and crispy with bits of caramelized onion.  If you don’t know what to order at a diner, the breakfast is usually a good bet.  The one annoyance was the ladies’ room – which was a single stall affair!  For such a huge place this is crazy.  Maybe there are additional rest rooms elsewhere, but I could not find them.

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