BBQ in El Cerrito

coleslaw in a glass bowl

We made an all-American BBQ today with hot dogs and coleslaw, which is what Jon and Matt were craving.  We bought the good hot dogs — the ones with a natural casing that snap when you bite into them.   Be sure to toast the buns on the grill for a minute or so, which really makes a difference.  Serve heated sauerkraut and yellow mustard with the dogs and you’ll send yourself back in time — before BBQs served tri-tip or portabellos. 

natural casing hot dogs in a bowl

Some of the best times I had with my own parents in the 1960’s and 1970’s involved grilling  inexpensive steaks and then drowning them in ketchup.  It’s just what you did back then.  You didn’t  need to have ahi tuna on the grill to have a good time.  Please don’t send me email to tell me that “grilling” and “BBQing” are different – I know, I know!  I’m using a term in common usage, i.e., “We’re having a BBQ today!” 

Jon ready to have some grilled meat

Jon is ready to have some grilled meat

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