Daimo for Breakfast

Plate of BBQ duck at daimo

BBQ Duck at Daimo restaurant in Richmond, Cali

Today Steve and I took our Mothers to Daimo (3288A Pierce Street, Richmond) for some BBQ duck.  Daimo is a big, noisy comfortable place situated outside Pacific East Mall.  The menu is broad but heavily Cantonese.  Dim sum, noodles, BBQ, congee — like that.

Now, when Daimo’s BBQ duck is good, it is REALLY good.  It’s meaty and fragrant and served atop soybeans that quickly become bathed in duck fat as the meal progresses.

We rarely order BBQ duck anywhere else since it never measures up.

Given that celebrating an event and not worrying about saturated fat are synonymous in my family, we also ordered pig knuckles; Matthew’s upcoming graduation was more than enough to justify this plateful of sin.

pig knuckles at daimo

Pork Knuckles at Daimo restaurant in Richmond, Cali

Elaine and Matthew don’t go for knuckles, but my Mom, Steven and I were in stiff competition for a fair share of this gelatinous delight.

If you are in the area before 11 a.m. on a weekday, they have a great breakfast special that includes an item of your choice and a big bowl of congee (rice porridge) for around 6 bucks.  The item of my choice is always the steamed pork dumpling, which is a huge triangle of sticky rice stuffed with pork and salted duck egg and then steamed in a lotus leaf.  I would not suggest this meal to a person on a low glycemic diet, but it is tasty and will sustain you for hours if you are headed to nearby Costco.

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