Senior prom

Matthew and Jon ready to go to the Albany High senior prom

Senior prom tonight, and look out!

Matthew Valencia and Jon Hampton-McKean are heading out in style to the Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco, California,  for Albany High School’s 2006 Senior Prom.

There will be international food stations and dancing.

My senior prom was in the gym of my high school.  Clearly things have changed.

Getting these two ready was a challenge since they wanted to look JUST SO.

Berry seems to have a built-in antenna that draws him directly to people who are going to a special event and cannot afford to have his hair all over them.  The more you need him away, the more suspicious he becomes and the more tenacious.  Throughout the late afternoon there were cries of, “Berry, get away from me!” and “Berry keeps trying to rub his neck on my tux!”

When they left, Steven, my mom and I had a nice dinner and watched a movie.

Matt and Jon rolled in about 3 a.m. – having  taken the night owl bus to the East Bay from the Transbay Terminal – with stories of the grand food and class that pervaded the affair.

Ah, to be young men about town in the magic that is late-night Nob Hill and Union Square!

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