Birthday for Oma

Oma and her birthday cake in 2006

It’s my Mom’s 68th birthday celebration today, so es gibt decadence cake with a boatload of candles.  The actual birthday was the 18th, but we always do it up on the weekend so we can relax and take our time.  Decadence cake has only a few ingredients, like chocolate, heavy cream and butter, so it’s dense.  It’s more or less like eating a solid slab of ganache.  Both Andronico’s and Whole Foods carry an excellent chocolate decadence cake that will feed a good ten people for about $25.  They also have a smaller one but we don’t bother with that since we want another slice later in the day.  If and when they open a Carvel in these parts we’ll go back to having ice cream cakes for birthdays.

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